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Female entrepreneurs of color have traditionally faced plenty of obstacles with venture capitalists they’ve approached to seek funding for powerful new tech ventures. Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning is the daughter of a Haitian immigrant. And she is among

“With the accelerating pace of social and technological change, the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children today will end up in careers that don’t even exist yet.” – Craig and Marc Kielburger For 25 years I have taught

Three leaders in finance, marketing outreach, and experience design have joined the DreamBox team to build out new initiatives for our Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform. They bring deep technical expertise in their fields. And these remarkable individuals have also committed

Talking to parents can be stressful, whether you’re meeting your friend’s parents as a child, your partner’s parents as an adult, or even just introducing someone new to your own parents.  Of course, meeting parents as an educator is especially

Being an Educator can be extremely rewarding. You have the unique opportunity to help shape the future by molding fresh young minds to do good and make their mark on the world. That said, educators are a very specific demographic: