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Time away from math class during summer vacations can create a well-known phenomenon known as ‘summer slide’ that can result in a month or more of learning loss. During the winter recess, while the shorter time frame may not result

Happy Fibonacci Day! This day, November 23, recognizes the importance of the Fibonacci sequence (or Fibonacci numbers) in mathematics and our everyday lives. Here are 7 fun facts that will entertain and educate your class about how this mathematically awesome

Young children naturally begin making sense of the world around them by noticing similarities and differences in what they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. These observations eventually manifest in language development and sorting, matching, categorization, and classification activities. For

When I was a classroom math teacher and a K-12 district math coordinator, I spent many days and weeks reviewing, piloting, and evaluating print and digital math curricular resources with my colleagues. What struck me was how few programs have

The findings from a new study by Project Tomorrow and DreamBox Learning provide education leaders with research-based information and classroom-based exemplars for how digital content enables personalized and differentiated learning environments. The stats don’t lie. New Research Results: Leveraging Digital