A Blessing and a Curse

I love creating software.

A software product, unlike say, building a book case, is never completely done. As TV’s Detective Monk would say, that is “a blessing, and a curse.” A blessing, because you can fix the things that are not quite perfect. A curse, because you can fix the things that are not quite perfect.

We did tons of testing and made changes and improvements to get to what you see today. But it is not perfect. We need, we want, we thrive on, what parents and students say about our product. We want to hear from you. Let us know at what you like and what we need to improve.

*Note: The feedback link will only work for customers with a free trial or paid account.
The feedback link is on the bottom of every page once you have signed into your account.  Use it as often as you wish.


  • Cris Cook

    This is so True! We are never “done”.

    Feedback and dialog with our DreamBox students and parents is critical!

    As a designer I LOVE to see what actual customers think! And, as a web service we can actually do something about feedback!

    As apposed to the days of CD-ROM based products (and many of today’s hand-held/console games) when what you burned to the disks is what you get!