A New Kind of Math Game: Efficient Strategies for Adding and Subtracting

While most math video games ask students simply to do computations a calculator can give them, only DreamBox has developed the first math video game where students must choose good strategies for computing answers – something they can’t ever get from a calculator. Students love our DreamBox heroes – the Addition Action Avengers and the Super Subtraction Squad – and in this unique new game, students control these heroes to tame mobs of monsters and raging robots. As students master 3-digit addition and subtraction with whole numbers and decimals in other DreamBox lessons, they unlock this one–of–a–kind math game where they are challenged to use these heroes strategically to solve different problems. Watch this video to see how DreamBox Learning designed this game to develop deep number sense and critical thinking in a fun and engaging way.

Tim Hudson

VP of Learning for DreamBox Learning, Inc., Hudson is a learning innovator and education leader who frequently writes and speaks about learning, education, and technology. Prior to joining DreamBox, Hudson spent more than 10 years working in public education, first as a high school mathematics teacher and then as the K–12 Math Curriculum Coordinator for the Parkway School District, a K–12 district of over 17,000 students in suburban St. Louis. While at Parkway, Hudson helped facilitate the district’s long-range strategic planning efforts and was responsible for new teacher induction, curriculum writing, and the evaluation of both print and digital educational resources. Hudson has spoken at national conferences such as ASCD, SXSWedu, and iNACOL.