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When it comes to 21st century learning, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this new approach to education isn’t just changing the way that students learn, but the way that educators teach. For centuries, teachers and school administrators have used a

Elementary math is a subject many students struggle to grasp.

When talking about 21st century learning, there’s one critical component that ties the concept together: Technology. It is technology in its many forms that is driving innovation, changing the way that students think and, as a result, changing the way

Education has become one the nation’s top priorities in the 21st century. The introduction of the Common Core State Standards over the last few years has brought this oft-debated subject to the forefront of discussions held at backyard barbecues and

Following an emerging trend of public schools embracing blended learning instruction, Michigan has announced that it will open 32 new charter schools this fall that will include three cyber academies and three blended learning schools in addition to offering traditional