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Every building you spend time in––schools, libraries, houses, apartment complexes, movie theaters, and even your favorite ice cream shop––is the product of mathematical principles applied to design and construction. Have you ever wondered how building professionals incorporate math to create

Music is in the air as August brings summer festivals of all genres to many parts of our country. It may be an inspired chamber orchestra in the park that makes your heart sing, or a jazz quartet, perhaps the

“What are the two most valuable resources in education? Time and money!” were the phrases I heard on repeat this week. As Allison Mateus & I were spending quality time in Utah at the STEM Action Center, and at East

Beneath the August sun, lakes and saltwater bays fill with recreational sailboats. Even summer sailors rely on basic geometry to “tack” toward a destination by changing their sail angles in relation to the wind. And this just skims the surface

Your August Activity Calendar is here! Although it may not be time for back to school yet, it’s certainly not too early to start preparing! Have you gotten your supplies for the upcoming year? Brushed up on your DreamBox over