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Our youngest daughter recently came home facing the decision of whether for the next school year she should go into ‘honors’ math class or the regular math class. We haven’t really faced this before, as the right decision for each of our two older children was straightforward, although different for each. I have seen the angst it has has caused in other families. The stress was particularly acute in those cases where placement was decided by a single test result.

I recently came across two articles that really caught my eye.The first was in the Wall Street Journal and was a ranking of the best jobs in the US. Mathematician was ranked #1, with Actuary and Statistician holding #2 and #3 respectively.

Here at DreamBox, we recommend for best results that a student play at least twice a week for 15 minutes at a time. Some will play more. However, like Vitamin A, a lot more is not better. To take an extreme, a child playing 3 hours a day every day is crowding out too many other activities for a happy child.

There is nothing like the excitement of launching a new product after years of work. I enjoyed the privilege of joining the celebration lunch with the DreamBox team.

No parent likes to see their child struggle – whether it be in the math class room, or with fitting in on the playground. As parents, we all get anxious when our child hits a speed bump. And when we get anxious, we forget one of the most basic rules of parenting that we all know: every child is different.