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It’s an important time to honor those who’ve paved the way for education, access, and equity as well as reflect on what still needs to be done. As an edtech leader, DreamBox is dedicated to meeting the needs of all

Get your students in the math mindset and inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders this month.  Share and try out the below resources and activities to help educate students about African American mathematicians and scientists who have and continue to

From the invention of the first 3D TV to the first moon-based observatory, African American mathematicians, scientists, and inventors have contributed to our nation’s greatness since the time of President George Washington.  In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting the

What Can We Do to Raise ELL Mathematics Achievement? The latest National Center for Data Statistics (NAEP) that reported English Language Learners (ELL) mathematics scores lagged non-ELLS by 30 percentage points, so what can be done to raise mathematics comprehension and

If you’ve made a resolution to take your math students further, faster in the new year, here’s the place to begin. Make the new year bright with resources and ideas to make math teaching and learning more fun and more