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Last August, DreamBox Learning Math introduced a cohort of 649 educators across the US to an innovative prototype environment for teacher professional development (PD). Funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DreamBox researched the usage and

The 8th Annual ASU+GSV Summit will be held next week in Salt Lake City, and members of the DreamBox management team—including myself—will be there to contribute ideas and share how we’re helping all students deeply understand and enjoy math. This

When I was a classroom math teacher and a K-12 district math coordinator, I spent many days and weeks reviewing, piloting, and evaluating print and digital math curricular resources with my colleagues. What struck me was how few programs have

Why Enhanced Reporting for More Effective Teacher Practice and Differentiated Digital Lessons Matters How do you measure and collect evidence of a student’s thinking and understanding in mathematics? And equally important, as you’re collecting evidence of a student’s learning and

The Reality of Learning Gaps in My Classroom The first year I taught tenth grade Geometry, I gave my students a bonus* problem on the final that required them to use what they had learned the year before in Algebra