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Five years ago, the good folks at Miriam Webster added the phrase “aha moment” to the 2012 edition of their dictionary. They credited Oprah Winfrey with coining and popularizing the expression, which they define as “a moment of sudden realization,

Just when you thought it was safe to break for the summer (cue the menacing music)… The biggest threat to vacationing students isn’t in the waters off Cape Cod. It’s in their mindset. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of

Teacher Appreciation Month

Today, we wrap up our month-long Teacher Appreciation series on the blog with one final story from Terese Wylie, a reading intervention teacher in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In addition to helping students ignite their passions, the best educators often help us

There’s a term you may remember from your introductory psych classes in college called “self-efficacy.” Psychologist Albert Bandura defined self-efficacy as a person’s belief in their ability to accomplish a particular task. The idea is that if you believe you

Teacher Appreciation Month

We couldn’t let Teacher Appreciation month go by without giving our own DreamBox team the opportunity to thank the educators who in some way helped them to become the talented teachers, designers, engineers, and parents they are today. We recently