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Research says that teacher competency in math affects student achievement. Yet, few elementary school teachers are math content specialists. Michigan State University, in collaboration with the PROMISE organization, conducted a survey of thousands of teachers in the middle U.S. to

According to a 2012 Raytheon survey, 56 percent of students would rather eat broccoli than do math homework. While adding some cheddar to the mix might make both options more palatable, my guess is broccoli would still come out ahead.

Before you get all wrapped up in your Halloween plans, be sure to mark your calendar for the Fall Math Challenge. This year, we kick things off the day before Halloween, so that means many of your students (and you)

I don’t always hit my daily 10,000 steps goal, but when I do the tracker on my wrist vibrates and I’m treated to a pixilated firework display. In hindsight, it’s not much of a reward for literally going the extra

It’s zero hour for back-to-school preparations. In fact, by now, most of you have already quelled first-day jitters, and have begun laying the foundation for an exciting new year of growth. If you’re a teacher getting started with DreamBox in