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In February of 2015, the State Board of Education in Georgia voted to rename the existing ELA and Mathematics standards to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). According to the revised standards, new mathematics curriculum must focus on actively engaging

Attention, DreamBox teachers! The next time you log into your Insight Dashboard, be sure to look for the banner at the top of the screen touting the newly updated Classroom Overview report. To access, while in the Classroom Overview report,

As we enter the final week of the Math Challenge, our social media mentions are spiking—and so are the number of DreamBox lessons completed from coast-to-coast! Teachers and students from everywhere are getting their game on and sharing the excitement

The DreamBox 2017 Fall Math Challenge commenced last Monday and we’re off to an impressive start. If you missed the kick-off webinar, you can still view it on demand here. It’s a short session that covers all the ground rules—as

Research says that teacher competency in math affects student achievement. Yet, few elementary school teachers are math content specialists. Michigan State University, in collaboration with the PROMISE organization, conducted a survey of thousands of teachers in the middle U.S. to