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About a month from now, my DreamBox colleagues and I will be packing our bags for iNACOL’s annual conference, and we hope to meet you there. Right now, it appears as though our destination in Orlando was spared the brunt

September is traditionally a time of anticipation and optimism for educators and students alike—it’s an opportunity to make a fresh start. Fortunately, for most of us, the frenzied first weeks of the new school year don’t include picking up the

Westport Elementary is identified as a “Focus” school, which means it’s ranked among the lowest performing 10 percent of Title I schools in the district, as determined by the Missouri state assessments in English, language arts, and mathematics. Two years

Back in August, during the final throes of summer vacation, DreamBox ran its popular Back-to-School Bootcamp webinar series. In case you missed it, we recorded all the sessions and are now making them available on demand. With this being the

You may not know her—or the theorems she invented—by name, but chances are Cathleen Morawetz’s work has had an impact on your daily life, albeit indirectly. Her remarkable achievements in mathematics have influenced numerous practical applications in aerodynamics, acoustics, and