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High-stakes assessment testing takes its toll on teachers and students alike. We asked members of DreamBox Nation to weigh in on how they mentally prepare themselves (and their students) for the pressures they face this time of year, and what

Even though spring hasn’t sprung yet, DreamBox is already thinking ahead to the dog days of July and the dreaded summer slide. If you’re a district administrator or teacher, chances are you have summer break on your radar too. Whether

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” Chances are you’ve come across this quote in your travels. It’s attributed to American civil rights activist Dr. Marian Wright Edelman, and a slew of other strong female role models. While there’s no

While it’s perfectly fine to hit the ice or the slopes over winter break, it’s not okay to let your math skills slide—even for just a week. Minds are like skates, the sharper the better. That’s why we’ve compiled five

A spate of studies over the last decade or so indicate that the mathematics knowledge children develop before entering elementary school is critical to their academic success down the road. In fact, a growing body of research confirms that “early