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When it comes to getting ready for summer school, motivation is key for both you and your students. Although the school year has recently ended, creating a learning environment that makes the kids laying by the pool jealous and want

It’s all downhill from here … there’s light at the end of the tunnel … we’re in the home stretch … it’s so close you can smell the sunscreen! By this point in the year, students have started their countdown

Teachers enjoy being recognized, and Teacher Appreciation Day is a perfect time to make this happen. Send a favorite teacher a note of appreciation to help them celebrate the day! Here are four things I’ve learned from my experience about why this

As summer approaches, teachers and students are counting down to a much-needed break. Although school is ending, that does not mean learning has to follow suit. One struggle for teachers at the beginning of a school year is battling the

From time to time, educators will confuse formative and summative assessments. While a summative assessment measures the level of proficiency after a unit has been completed, formative assessments occur throughout the duration of a unit and are not graded. One