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MP4: Model with Mathematics This series of posts cover the use of virtual manipulatives to meet the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) of the Common Core State Standards for Math (CCSSM) that carry across all grade levels and describe habits

For many teachers and administrators, the start of the 2013-14 school year also means the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Because the CCSS are guidelines and not a national curriculum, many first grade teachers looking to meet

As the 2013-14 school year rapidly approaches, many districts are getting ready to fully implement the Common Core State Standards. Among other things, this means researching the CCSS, training teachers, rewriting curricula, preparing for online assessments and educating parents about

Common Core Controversy One of the key controversies surrounding the Common Core State Standards has been the question of assessments. Along with a complete overhaul of the academic requirements students are expected to meet comes a new set of online

Deep Understanding of Math: When reviewing the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, it can clearly be seen that there is an emphasis placed on developing a deep understanding of math relationships and practices in students, rather than asking them