Fun Summer Math Games: Avoid the Summer Slide

summer-math-games-avoid-summer-math-slideMath skills can be hard to retain during summer vacation. Kids may spend hours reading books at the beach and doing crafts at camp, but when do they practice math? Kids who practice summer math will have an easier time transitioning to back to school, while kids who don’t may lose a couple months of learning.

The trick is to teach your kids math by combining it with fun activities. DreamBox Learning has two new free summer math printables: our Super Fun Beach Day printable, which shows you how to plan educational beach activities and the DreamBox Read-and-Learn Math List, which lists great storybooks that also teach math. Both are free and no registration required, so please take advantage of these excellent parent resources.

Fun Summer Math Printables:

Fun summer math activities:

  • Bake cookies and let your kids help you measure ingredients
  • Play a rainy day math game, such as Dominoes or Yahtzee
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and teach your kids to count and sort objects

Comment below with tips on keeping your kids busy during summer vacation. Are there any travel math games you play or math stories you read with the little ones? Let us know!

  • John

    You’ve mentioned some great ways to keep young kids learning math during those difficult summer months. I recently took a group of kindergarteners out on a Scavenger Hunt – as you mentione in your post – but we called it a ‘Shape’ Hunt. Giving each child a checklist with various shapes on it, we asked them to find the shapes in and around the park. Finally, we had the little ones count up how many of each shape they could find. It was loads of fun. Thanks for the great idea Dreambox!

    Going on a shape hunt can be a lot of fun for K-2nd grade students. And it is a great way to keep kids engaged in summer math activities.

  • Dear Math Enthusiast, Hi. I am a Middle School Math teacher. I spent the last year making a website geared directly for grades 1-8. I want students to have a site where they can practice their math skills while still having fun. I have personally made most of the games. If you have a place on your website to put a link, please do so. My site is located at: Feel free to email me back with a link or a suggestion. Thank you, Michael Edlavitch