Be One of the First to Play DreamBox Third Grade!

You asked for it. We delivered (or we will soon)! Our developers have been working away all winter on our third-grade math games and lessons, which will launch soon. Can’t wait? Your child could be one of a select few to play it first! That’s right, we’re giving three lucky winners a chance to be a beta tester for DreamBox Learning’s third grade curriculum.

Your child could play the game before most other “Dreamers” out there.

Sarah loves beta testing DreamBox Third Grade

Sarah loves beta testing DreamBox Third Grade

One, two, three ways to enter and win an exclusive private beta tester slot for our 3rd grade math games:

1. Comment on this blog post. Introduce yourself, tell us why you want to be one of the first to play third grade, and leave your email address so we can easily contact you if you’re a lucky winner.

2. Leave a note on our Facebook wall.  Stop by and tell us why your child should be one of the first to try third-grade.

3. Tweet about the giveaway using @DreamBox_Learn and tell us why you should win.

One entry per comment, facebook wall message, or tweet. Contest starts Tuesday, February 23. Winners announced on March 5.  To be eligible, you must have already played DreamBox and meet certain other eligibility requirements. So if you haven’t already tried it sign up now for a free DreamBox Learning trial. Don’t miss your chance to be a beta tester for third-grade math!

  • Heather

    Pick us, pick us! I have three kids that use Dreambox and two of them our each on their THIRD time through 2nd grade. I am happy about their skills but can’t wait to see them challenged with a higher level of math!

  • Michelle Q.

    WooHoo!!! We only let our subscription expire because my daughter had nearly completed the 2nd grade unit (by early 1st grade – a testament to its’ teaching!). She’d LOVE to see how much further she could go (me too!)!

  • Elisa Edwards

    I have three kids, two of whom hover around whenever my first grader is playing dreambox. My eldest would love, love, love to have his own account. I also teach first grade math with Cathy Fosnot’s Contexts for Learning, so we’re using rekenreks, ten frames, open number line, etc. everyday — and I’m highly recommending dreambox to all my students.

  • Noel

    Our son Benjamin LOVED DreamBox and completely devoured it in a matter of months. We did, though, let the subscription expire because he essentially exhausted the curriculum. We would be overjoyed to be chosen as beta testers for the third grade material. I recommended DreamBox to many friends, and I’d love to be able to pass on the good word about the new material you’ve been working on!

  • Jenny

    Ohhhh, please let us try this. Your methods and manipulatives are fantastic for my visual learners! My 4.5 year old is able to differentiate more and less up to 100, whoo hoo. My older child would love to work on dreambox and practice math at his level. He loves to be challenged and supported in math and dreambox does just that. As a teacher, I wish all my students could come to the middle grades with the strategy practice your program offers. Keep it up and please expand to K-6th!

  • Bella Wright

    I am in third grade. I’ve watched my sister in kindergarten play dreambox, and when I see her playing, she always has a smile on her face. It seems really fun. I want to improve my own math work. I think Dreambox would help me feel like math is more fun. I like math, but sometimes, I get stressed out with math in school. I think dreambox would help me improve my skills and it seems like a great way for kids to learn!

  • Marcy McCarthy

    Hi there! My daughter is in 1st grade and started out the school year using Dreambox for the first time. It complimented our school’s math program nicely Her testing shows that she is so far ahead in math…. I would love to introduce her to the “next” level of Dreambox. Thank you Dreambox to your commitment to early childhood math! And good luck to everyone!

  • Tasha

    Hi,my sister has learned dreambox and she loves it!she’s in grade 3 already it was hard for her to do this but later she thought it was awsome!!!She’s learning math by dreambox.I think dreambox is helping her think a lot.I want people to play dreambox and everyone likes it!