Showing:  Equity and Access

Get your students in the math mindset and inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders this month.  Share and try out the below resources and activities to help educate students about African American mathematicians and scientists who have and continue to

From the invention of the first 3D TV to the first moon-based observatory, African American mathematicians, scientists, and inventors have contributed to our nation’s greatness since the time of President George Washington.  In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting the

The majority of the 5.5 million English language learners in the U.S. public school system speak Spanish as their first language, which makes the capability of teaching math in Spanish, using bilingual teachers or teaching assistants, a high priority. Many

If you’ve made a resolution to take your math students further, faster in the new year, here’s the place to begin. Make the new year bright with resources and ideas to make math teaching and learning more fun and more

Since 1987, March has been Women’s History Month, an occasion to bring awareness and reflection to the extraordinary accomplishments of women and their influence in shaping our country and our collective future. Women have reached great heights as entrepreneurs, leaders