Showing:  Equity and Access

The 2017 Blended & Personalized Learning Conference (BPLC) features some of the top classroom, school, and district implementers from across the nation. Once again, the conference will be held in Providence and is expected to attract some 900 educators and

In following through on our promise to continuously innovate and provide actionable insight into student learning, we are excited to share our latest enhancement to DreamBox. Don’t take our word for how cool it is. Login and experience it for yourself!

Education played a significant role in last year’s election, most notably in how researchers, media and others used level of education as a proxy for how certain voters would cast their votes. College-educated. Less educated. Some college. No college. When

Hidden Figures, the highest grossing Oscar-nominated movie of the year, tells the true story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who worked behind the scenes at NASA to help launch astronaut John Glenn into space. The film shines a

This article previously appeared on Common Sense Media and is being republished with permission.  Dreaming of new devices or tools for your students, but your school doesn’t have the budget? You’re not alone. Even with edtech spending in most schools increasing, it’s not always