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The summer slide of not retaining math knowledge gained in the school year is an all too familiar experience for many diligent K-8 kids. There’s proven good news, though. An hour and 20 minutes a week with DreamBox can keep

Your district or school favors introducing a new math program to help students learn better and succeed more. But how do you select the right one to invest in long-term? Take a customized pilot “test drive” to uncover what you

Across centuries and continents, women have excelled in mathematics and even made essential discoveries to solve critical problems. Many people are now familiar with Katherine Johnson, a black mathematician featured in the film Hidden Figures, and her historic contribution at

Happy March DreamBoxers! It’s time to warm up and get ready for this jam-packed month! March not only is packed with loads of fun days, but it’s also Women’s History Month which is something that should absolutely be celebrated! During

Every elementary and middle school in Austin is now teamed with DreamBox to partner on personalized math learning for the next five years. That’s more than 100 schools and many fine teachers dedicated to math education for thousands of students.