Showing:  21st Century Skills

Picture a typical American grade school classroom with 35 students. You will see advanced learners, several recent immigrants, and a child who has just moved from another state in the middle of the school year—all of them individuals with different

Summer is good for many things: spending time with family, traveling, and for kids, taking a break from classes. But while students may take time off, their teachers are preparing for the upcoming school year—because learning never stops. And it

  Let’s take a look into the future. Based on what we see happening right now, we can predict that it will be globalized, complex, and driven by information technology—and that the future will belong to those who can readily

 “When am I ever going to use this?” For many math teachers, this is one of the most annoying questions a student can ask, and at the same time, the most significant. Sometimes it’s even supported by parents, or another

I enjoyed hearing more about Competency-Based Education at the recent iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium. Both the keynote address as well as several of the conference sessions emphasized the goal of moving toward more competency-based models using principles and