Showing:  Common Core State Standards

Last week, DreamBox vice president of learning Tim Hudson presented a live webcast entitled, “Empowering Teacher Agency: How Data-Driven PD Models are Improving K-5 Math Achievement.” In the 60-minute session, Tim addressed the impetus that’s driving new innovations in professional

For all the time, money, and resources invested in professional development (PD), only 29 percent of educators say they actually get what they need to support student achievement. According to a report from Learning Forward, in addition to the $2.6

From the beginning of civilization, we’ve set measures to ensure that whatever we’re making or doing is created correctly and works as it should. We use standards every day to weigh items, tell time, communicate, and to make sure devices

If you think about it, it makes sense. Most of the country is embarking on using new educational standards, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These standards are vastly different from what most states were using, with the overall goal

The next generation the Common Core State Standards assessments from PARCC and Smarter Balanced have nearly finished with their field testing. No results have been released yet, but very few – stories of crashes and bandwidth problems have been reported