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Chances are, teaching your child to use a laptop responsibly and independently is something your parents probably didn’t have to do. And, if they did, you probably weren’t a toddler at the time. Things have changed. According to Common Sense

It’s zero hour for back-to-school preparations. In fact, by now, most of you have already quelled first-day jitters, and have begun laying the foundation for an exciting new year of growth. If you’re a teacher getting started with DreamBox in

Pinterest is a great place to collect inspiration for a vast array of things—from what to make for dinner tonight to how to extract a splinter using just a wide-mouthed bottle and some hot water. But, is the home of

We recently challenged members of DreamBox Nation to share their top tips for bringing technology into the classroom. More than a hundred of you responded with practical insights on everything from securing funding to embracing rotation models. As we sorted

Teacher Appreciation Month

National Teacher Appreciation Week is officially May 7 – 12, but at DreamBox we’re celebrating the most important work in the world all month long. This year we wondered what it means to be a teacher’s teacher — someone who