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Increasingly, education experts, researchers, and even newly enacted legislation support the use of ongoing, rigorous formative assessment to better engage students and provide critical insights into student thinking. The goal is to monitor progress toward a learning objective and collect

Selecting which edtech program is right for your district is a big decision and a big investment. After you talk to your stakeholders, complete your research, weigh your options, and narrow your choices, the important work of piloting the program(s)

Between October 30th and November 17th, over 9,500 classrooms across the United States and Canada competed in the 2017 Fall Math Challenge. We are in awe of the level of participation and are so proud of all of the hard

Temperatures fall, days get shorter, and winter break is right around the corner. And, whether you’re making hot chocolate, cutting out snowflakes, or counting down to a glorious new year—math is everywhere you turn. Welcome to December! DreamBox has lined

DreamBox CEO and president Jessie Woolley-Wilson recently penned a special report on the topic of educational equity. In it, she explores the degree to which increasing economic disparities are eroding education opportunities in the United States. She also details important