DreamBox Learning is Growing!

In just a few short months, we’ve doubled our size – we’re now at 40+ employees! We’ve been so busy working on new lessons and grade levels, we’ve barely had time to pause and share the great news with all of you!

Meet the DreamBox Team!


Read the story behind the photo

One of our developers (Slavi) recently shared a great story about his sister, and is the reason we all got together for this very photo:

Weeks ago my sister and I were going through DreamBox Learning’s 4th and 5th grade engagement plan. Since she’s in the right age group (4th grade), it was fun to brainstorm ideas with her. At some point we started talking about rewards: what would motivate kids? Suddenly her eyes started sparkling – she had an idea! She turned to me and said, “Oh you know what would be incredible? If those kids who do an absolutely great job in DreamBox get a photo of the entire team who built this amazing product, and it’s signed by the people on the team! Oh can you imagine what that would be like? Oh…” And she spent the next 30 minutes talking and talking about this. And she’s talked about it many times since then.

My sister’s 10th birthday was this month. To celebrate, I gave her a signed picture of the DreamBox team!

Thanks for sharing your story Slavi, and for getting the whole team together for a group photo!

  • Sisi Mereness

    I have not stopped telling my friends about you yet! Thank you for creating this amazing world of learning for my son. He is happy playing and I am happy he is learning and not wasting his game time on useless video games.

    Please know that your efforts are appreciated every day.


  • Hi Sisi – That’s great to hear! We’re so glad your son is continuing to enjoy DreamBox. Hearing stories of children having fun while learning is definitely rewarding. Thank you!

  • Sandra

    Hello! We are on the free trial still and my 3rd grade daughter loves it! Do you think that the 4th grade option will be out by next school year?


  • Hi Sandra – that’s great to hear your daughter is enjoying DreamBox! To answer your question, we are currently working on curricula for 4th and 5th Grade math. While we don’t have a concrete release date yet, this information should be made available through our newsletter, which you can sign up for
    at http://www.dreambox.com/newsletter_signup, or keep an eye out on our blog for the announcement. Thanks!