DreamBox Learning Math will cover more grades soon!

It’s not just educators and students who recognize the power of DreamBox Learning Math in blended learning classrooms across the U.S. and Canada. Widely reported in the news today, business leaders and education philanthropists—impressed by DreamBox and its’ transformative Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology —have provided $14.5 million in additional Series 1-A financing.

DreamBox just keeps on growing and working hard to fulfill its mission. The new capital will be used to provide additional grade coverage beyond Grade 5, so even more children can have an unparalleled student-driven learning experience at every learning level. Soon, even more children can learn to think like mathematicians!

Read the full press release here.

  • sangeeta

    Just wanted to lyk we are so glad additional grades are planned as my daughter uses your programe and just informed me that she would love to continue this thru college! While i wont put that preassure on you yet please know by september if you can add additional higher grades we would be thrilled!Thank you!