Tuesday Teacher Tips: Funding Sources

Welcome to the Tuesday Teacher Tips series! Each week we’ll highlight teaching and learning resources, ideas to use in the classroom, as well as things to ponder as you go about your teaching day.

In the hectic months of May, did you get a chance to check out DreamBox Learning’s educator newsletter? Is your leadership team rich with goals and ideas to improve the school and raise student achievement, but short on funding? Check out DreamBox’s May newsletter to find sources of support at the federal level.


Title I, Part A: Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

  • The funds support extra instruction in reading and mathematics, as well as special preschool, after-school, and summer programs to extend and reinforce the regular school curriculum.

Title II, Part D: Enhancing Education through Technology (EETT)

  • Its primary goal is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools.

Title III: English Language Acquisition Grants

  • This program is designed to improve the education of limited English proficient (LEP) children and youths by helping them learn English and meet challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards.

21st Century Learning Communities

  • This program supports the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment to students during non-school hours.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • You know that the threshold for identifying a child’s need for special education can be blurry. To help prevent kids from falling between the cracks, this funding source sets aside money for those kids who just need a little extra help.

School Improvement Grants (SIG)

  • These grants are used to improve student achievement in Title I schools identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring to enable those schools to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) and exit improvement status.

What are some funding sources that you have found to implement new programs in your school? Email and let us know. We’d love to hear about it!

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you have any ideas for funding sources for Canada?
    Secondly, I go in to schools to teach programs, such as teaching students about art and physics through making robots that move and draw. Is there any types of funding that are accessible to people outside of the school system?

    My goal is to lower prices, so that the schools can pay less for the cost of the workshop, but I don’t know where to look. Please help 🙂

  • Hi Kristen,

    I would start with this website: http://www.charityvillage.com/cv/ires/fund.asp. It provides a number of resources for funding in the education space. I don’t know of any funding for individuals though (outside of the school), other than a program such as the Pepsi Refresh Program (www.refresheverything.com).

    Hope this helps,