Announcing The Free Homeschool Math Ebook


Free eBook

We are very  excited to present “Helping Children Be Successful in Math.  A Homeschool Math Learning Guide.”  This free eBook offers tips on how to help your child develop a positive attitude towards math,  goals from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, and homeschool math learning activities. It’s a must-read before you start this year’s math curriculum.

Get our free homeschool math eBook!

We realize that homeschooling is a huge financial undertaking. That’s why we made this eBook completely free and no registration required! We are also working to create more homeschool resources to make DreamBox Learning your number one destination for homeschool math support.

  • Heather

    I am SO thrilled to see you reaching out to homeschoolers! Thanks, Dreambox!

    In related news (we school year around) I told our four kids that we were taking the day off to go swimming and enjoy the summer weather. My second born (age 8)looks at me like I am crazy and says “BUT can we at least do MATH? I’m about to complete a quest on Dreambox!” Who am I to argue? I spent a lot of my childhood doing math for fun too! 🙂 I love math.