ISTE 2010: Day One


The DreamBox team: Laura Koch, Julie Sloan, Sue Cummings, and Mickelle Weary

The ISTE Expo floor is hopping — we’ve had a steady stream of teachers, curriculum specialists, technologists, principals, and other administrators (as well as ed tech companies looking for potential partners, some students, and misc. others) in the DreamBox corner of the floor.  When we ask them about their pressing issues, I’ve heard a couple of consistent themes:

  • Technologists are tasked with helping a shrinking group of teachers with tools to help them be productive, often to manage increasing class sizes, and free up some of their time to be able to help individual students. And they’re concerned about cost.
  • Teachers are an energetic lot — they’re excited about the opportunities they’re seeing at the show for tools that will help them teach, software and content to use with interactive white boards, tools that will support students with special needs – and free stuff for the classroom.
  • Everyone, even those who teach high school and higher ed and really don’t need to talk to us, loves our blue squishy brains (DreamBox opens minds to math!)

It helps to have a group of fun, dedicated, and almost tireless DreamBox staffers working together to help our booth visitors! I really love working with these folks — they’re amazing. Now for day 2!

  • mickey arnold

    I was at iste and talked with you all about a 30 day trial what is the best way to get to this ?
    Thanks Mickey Arnold

  • mickey arnold

    got it thanks

  • Sue

    Thanks for your follow up Mickey – and I appreciate your interest in DreamBox Learning’s 30-day trial. Please do let me know if you have any questions, and tell me what you think after you try DreamBox! Also, if you’d like us to extend your trial into the school year so your class can try it free as well, just contact us and we’ll extend it for you.

    For any other readers we talked to at ISTE: if we scanned your badge you will have received an email from us on Thursday, in which you’ll find a link to start your free trial. Because we scanned your badge, it’s a simple step to sign up: just accept the terms and click the “Create my account” button. If we didn’t scan your badge at ISTE you can still get a free trial – just go to to get started!