I Love my Apple Timer!

Logo apple timer

After a 4-day business trip to Denver for the ISTE Conference, I returned home with one of the little red apple timers we shared with many teachers. My original intent was that it’s a better gift for my 4 ½ year old than the junk I can buy in the airport! However, this timer has proven to be super nifty.

For example, my daughter tends to hurry the bath when something fun follows it. However, one evening she was really dirty and I just wanted a little break. So we negotiated and I set the timer for 30 minutes. I set the timer on the bathroom counter, then several times  I told her how many minutes she had left. This all seems so simple, but consider the math. When I talked to her, I always noted that we started with 30 minutes and she had 20 (or 10 or 5) minutes left (counting backwards). I would also show her the timer, and we’d talk about the numerals that weren’t actually on the timer, but which were noted with a little lines (like a number line). Mostly I love that this is math in the real world!

What about you? Tell me how you’d use this little red timer with your own kids, and we’ll send one to you! (We have a few left over from ISTE.)

  • deb mitchell

    we’d use the timer to time how long my son reads, takes breaks from using Dreambox, etc. It’s very cute!

  • Mickelle

    That’s great! This timer only counts down which leads to another good discussion. Talk about the difference between seeing how long something takes to do (counting up) versus setting a time limit and counting down.

  • Lana

    This would be wonderful. We’ve started to use basic subtraction with our five year old and it would be a fun additional way to use subtraction without saying we’re directly doing school. It would work for how much longer before dinner, bath time or whenever a timer would help with transition times!