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Today’s teachers rely on a number of tools to help them monitor progress and set learning goals for their students, including assessments, class work, anecdotal notes, and more. As part of their ever-expanding toolkit, math teachers are also turning to

As we enter the final week of the Math Challenge, our social media mentions are spiking—and so are the number of DreamBox lessons completed from coast-to-coast! Teachers and students from everywhere are getting their game on and sharing the excitement

For the first time in at least 50 years, a majority of public school students across the U.S. are considered “low-income,” according to a new study by the Southern Education Foundation. While poor children are spread across the country, concentrations

The DreamBox 2017 Fall Math Challenge commenced last Monday and we’re off to an impressive start. If you missed the kick-off webinar, you can still view it on demand here. It’s a short session that covers all the ground rules—as

Fibonacci sounds like something you could get at an Italian restaurant with a nice marinara sauce. It’s not. (Note to self: never write blog posts on an empty stomach.) Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born in 1170. The author