Schools Are on Winter Break, but DreamBox is Not!

At DreamBox we’re capitalizing on school vacation! For two days, we invited DreamBoxers who live near our offices to sit side-by-side with our teachers and developers and be the first to try our newest lessons and games. This is the first major step in testing our new virtual manipulatives developed by DreamBox only for our upcoming 3rd grade lessons. Not only have these DreamBox games never before been played by children, nothing else like them exists. By the time we introduce this curriculum in our school testing programs, the usability and design will be thoroughly tested and even better! These early testing experiences are a crucial part of making DreamBox the best it can be.

A huge thank you to all the kids that came to our office and tested our new 3rd grade lessons!

  • Charlene

    When will the 3rd grade lessons be available? I have a 3rd grader and I am on the trial. I would be glad to beta test!

  • Sue

    Hi Charlene – we will be adding the 3rd grade curriculum this spring. I will follow up with you when we are ready to enroll our beta testers!

  • Amy

    I’d love to be notified with the 3rd grade lessons are out. My daughter needs help with multiplication!

  • Sue

    We’ll be happy to let you know when 3rd grade lessons are available Amy.

  • How about calculus so the Dad’s can learn in a fun way? Why wasn’t dreambox around when I was in school?