Black History Month: African American STEM Leaders

World-Changing African Americans

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African American mathematicians, scientists, and inventors have contributed to our nation’s greatness since the time of President George Washington.  In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting the contributions of just seven of the many African Americans who have changed our world from the 1700s to the present.

Every day at DreamBox Learning we live our belief that ed-tech is an important way to break down barriers for all students, no matter where they live or learn. Through digital inclusion, the use of adaptive tools, and engaging game-like programs, we can level the playing field and give all students the confidence to soar.

If you’re going to be at SXSWedu 2015, join the conversation at the featured panel Ed Tech for Educational Inclusion (or via #SXSWedtech) on March 10, when we will explore new and creative pathways to provide equity and access for every learner, in and out of the classroom.

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World Changing African Americans Infographic

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