Hear What Principals, Teachers, Math Specialists and Students Say About DreamBox


Why DreamBox?

  • Aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • Engagement layer enhances learning experience
  • Develops conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving ability

Teachers and Administrators get a detailed view of the progress each student is making on their DreamBox Dashboard including:

  • Data visualization of progress summary for every student in the class
  • Expandable views of all lesson groups within curriculum categories
  • Descriptions of specific math concepts each student is learning
  • Notifications of students needing additional assistance
  • Proficiency against the Common Core State Standards
  • Concept proficiency by school, grade level, and classroom

Adaptive learning accelerates student success

DreamBox Learning provides more than 600 math lessons in two age-appropriate, highly motivating learning environments, and an intelligent adaptive learning engine with the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths! And teachers and administrators appreciate the ability to track student proficiency and academic progress through the in-depth math curriculum.

Provide help for those who need it most

DreamBox Learning Math provides opportunities for both enrichment (the intelligent adaptive learning engine can shorten or skip lessons as students build proficiency and fly ahead) and intervention (students can learn at their own pace as we add more depth and extra practice in the lessons where it's needed).