Improve your students' math proficiency.


Cathy Fosnot discusses the natural learning pathways used in DreamBox Learning Math.

Adaptive. Rigorous. Engaging: The DreamBox Difference.

DreamBox Learning© Math engages students with an adaptive online curriculum that meets them where they are. In addition, DreamBox gives educators up-to-date reports that give them insight into student learning and progress.

Standards Alignment

The DreamBox Learning math curriculum has alignments and reporting to show progress against CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP, and Ontario Curriculum. In addition, DreamBox provides current, insightful reports for both teachers and administrators that let them focus instruction and resources.

Math Intervention

DreamBox has made a proven difference for kids of all abilities and levels. Because of DreamBox’s unique ability to effectively identify and address learning gaps, many schools use DreamBox Learning as a research-based math intervention program for all 3 Tiers of Response to Intervention. And, by using a model that’s less language-based and more hands-on, DreamBox helps ELL students achieve math proficiency.