The path to success starts with each individual student.


For 1st Grade Teacher Trish Munson, DreamBox© was like “an extra person in the room that can individualize things for each student.” See how DreamBox simplified math instruction for her with its intelligent, adaptive learning environment.

Adaptive. Rigorous. Engaging: The DreamBox Difference

With the firm belief that all students can become proficient in mathematics, we built DreamBox around a rigorous curriculum and an Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine. Set in two motivating learning environments (primary and intermediate), DreamBox delivers millions of individualized learning paths, each one tailored to a student’s unique needs. And every day in thousands of classrooms around the country, DreamBox delivers proven results, freeing up teachers to spend more time with their students.

Detailed Progress Reports

DreamBox provides the current academic progress reports educators need to make an impact with kids. They give teachers support for making instructional decisions, measure student progress against the Common Core State Standards, and even help group students by proficiency.