DreamBox Math on iPad

Inspiring math learning with touch

Helping students think for themselves

On a desktop, laptop, or iPad, there is no other math software like DreamBox Learning Math. Powered by industry-leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, the DreamBox Math app offers a deeply personalized learning experience that differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement. A rigorous math curriculum and engaging, game-like environment offers an unparalleled, student-driven math learning experience.

More engagement

What makes a great learning environment? A great teacher. That's why we've modeled DreamBox Learning Math with the attentive, adaptive, and engaging characteristics that make you so wonderful.

"Whenever my students have some free class time, they pick up DreamBox on their iPads and do a lesson. That's definitely going to add up to a whole lot of new math learning by the end of the year!"

—Amy Bolting, Fifth Grade Teacher, Alvin Elementary, Alvin, TX

Fully optimized for the iPad

Students can use DreamBox on a desktop, laptop, or iPad environment, and student progress will be synced across all devices. The new DreamBox iPad app for iPad version 2+ and iPad mini supports one-to-one deployment, BYOD (bring your own device) iPads, and shared iPads. Plus, the Reporting Dashboard remains accessible through your browser.

Already a DreamBox customer? Download on the App Store,  download the app, log into your DreamBox Dashboard to find your code then enter it in to play.


"We're loving it. The kids use it on an almost daily basis... They like being able to manipulate things with their hands instead of the mouse... It's interesting, if given the choice, most of them would choose to play DreamBox on the iPad instead of the computer."

—Lindsey Snow, Verona Area School District, WI

"My second graders became so proficient in math by the end of last year that they had no trouble mastering triple digit functions! I now have my sons using DreamBox Math on the iPad at home. They Iove to play it, and I love how much they are learning-- It's just so easy to use"

—William Tonnies, Teacher, Oakwood School (DSBN), Port Colborne, Canada

"Is it true? Is it real? I'm so excited! I found the DreamBox app on our classroom iPad – Is it really on the iPad now?"

—KG student, To his teacher at Randolph School, Huntsville, AL

"Our kids absolutely love the new DreamBox app. Being able to put their hands on the screen, interact with and easily maneuver the virtual manipulatives has made learning fun and accessible for even our youngest learners." "

—Melissa Bell, School Improvement Coach, Custer 2 Elementary, MI

"My teachers love it!"

—Rhonda Sinquefield, Instructional Math Coach, W.H. Robinson School, NC

"The app works seamlessly with our curriculum and instruction. With iPads available in all of our Lower School classrooms, DreamBox fits effortlessly into our teachers' center rotations -- There's no extra teacher preparation needed and the kids love to play it!" "

—Melissa Tucker, LS Technology Integration Specialist, Randolph School, Huntsville, AL

"DreamBox on the iPad fits so well into our instruction in so many ways. My kids are so engaged, excited and motivated to learn that there's never a question about whether they are on task or not."

—Heather Landreth, Kindergarten teacher, W.H. Robinson School, NC