Research-based math intervention that works


Schools are using DreamBox Learning© as a research-based math intervention program for all three tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI). Students identified as struggling with math or who require additional academic support use DreamBox Learning independently, in small groups, or with instructors to overcome their math challenges.

We’re using DreamBox with all K-2 students and as intervention with 3rd and 4th graders… it’s really making a positive difference in math achievement.
David Petett, Principal of Campbellsville Elementary School

Maximize math intervention student achievement

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to providing services and intervention to struggling learners at increasing levels of intensity.

DreamBox provides intervention at each RTI tier:

  • Tier I (Benchmark): Students who, while generally making good progress, may be experiencing temporary or minor instructional difficulties
  • Tier II (Strategic): Students who are functioning below grade-level standards and who need additional systematic and explicit instructional support
  • Tier III (Intensive): Students who are seriously at risk of failure, have demonstrated chronically low performance on multiple measures of instructional proficiency, and also need systematic and explicit instructional support

DreamBox Learning makes math lessons engaging and interactive with targeted, appropriate work based on each student’s comprehension level. Students build confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment as they develop computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability.

Hands-on learning with virtual manipulatives

Virtual manipulatives help students develop a deeper understanding of math concepts and complement manipulatives used in the classroom. Teachers have reported that Tier 3 intervention students are easily engaged and often make connections between manipulatives used in DreamBox Learning and those available during math interventions.

Research-based math intervention programs

Differentiated instruction by design

Each student receives the right next lesson, at the right level of difficulty, with scaffolding tailored to his or her level of comprehension. By integrating assessment and instruction, DreamBox Learning is able to provide an unprecedented level of adaptation based not just on answers, but on strategies. As a result, struggling students receive individualized instruction focused on the basic foundational concepts they need, along with appropriate practice for mastery. Teachers get current reporting for each student.

Identify and monitor at-risk students

Current reports and alerts keep teachers informed of student progress and provide actionable data for one-to-one instruction. Dashboard and detailed reports show each student’s progress and comprehension level on curriculum units based on the Common Core State Standards. They develop a strong foundation in Numbers and Operations, Place Value, and Number Sense. Learn more about our curriculum.