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There’s a term you may remember from your introductory psych classes in college called “self-efficacy.” Psychologist Albert Bandura defined self-efficacy as a person’s belief in their ability to accomplish a particular task. The idea is that if you believe you

Teacher Appreciation Month

We couldn’t let Teacher Appreciation month go by without giving our own DreamBox team the opportunity to thank the educators who in some way helped them to become the talented teachers, designers, engineers, and parents they are today. We recently

Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) serve more than 12,000 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. In a recent Education Week Webinar sponsored by DreamBox, Superintendent of Schools Chris Marczak shared how MCPS successfully developed and implemented seven district-wide keys to

Teacher Appreciation Month

Now that we’re several weeks into Teacher Appreciation Month, a common thread has emerged. It seems the very best teachers are those who find a way to bring their subjects to life. Whether it’s history, reading, or math, the educators

Every May, the nation celebrates Teacher Appreciation week. And, while thank-you notes from students and acknowledgements from parents and administrators are always nice, there are common-sense things schools can (and should!) do on a daily basis to support educators all