Proven Results

DreamBox Learning© helps all students succeed in math, delivering proven results for struggling, on-level, and advanced learners. By raising student competence and confidence, DreamBox enables schools to meet AYP goals.

Build Math Proficiency and Meet AYP

By aligning with the Common Core State Standards, DreamBox can provide an effective math supplement that individualizes math instruction based on real-time feedback, keeping your school on track to meet AYP goals

Students in need of intervention can succeed

Driven by its Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine, DreamBox can increase math proficiency for students on all three tiers of RTI by providing structured interventions.

English Language Learners boost math proficiency

DreamBox Learning helps teachers close the achievement gap with virtual manipulatives, visually based lessons that meet the needs of ELL learners.

Challenge your accelerated learners

Instead of waiting for their classmates, advanced students can charge forward in the math curriculum with the adaptive enrichment they need to move ahead.

The proof is in the studies

Independent research organizations have come to the same conclusion: DreamBox improves student test scores and math proficiency.

What educators and parents have to say

In thousands of classrooms across the nation, DreamBox has won the hearts of teachers, administrators, and parents alike.

Where the rubber hits the road

See how schools and districts across the country have used DreamBox to close the achievement gap in these in-depth case studies.