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DreamBox© transforms the way students learn prekindergarten through Grade 5 math at school and at home with a phenomenal level of differentiated instruction that helps every student excel in math. It is proven to work for kids who are struggling with math, those who are ready for higher level math, and students who are English language learners—every child can have a great math experience inside DreamBox Learning.

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DreamBox is a digital fun zone that empowers you and your child, because of its Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine, real-time feedback, clear reporting, and rigorous math curriculum. With DreamBox, every child, no matter where they are right now, can be a math star —and have a fun adventure at the same time.

DreamBox offers more than 1,300 fun lessons and math games for elementary students, completely individualized to help your child learn math. Try DreamBox Learning Math for free for 14 days or purchase today with our money back guarantee.*

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