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Children think it's a fun adventure game. But parents know it's engaging, effective, highly individualized math! Try DreamBox Learning© FREE for 14 days!

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  • A serious math curriculum with more than 1,300 fun online lessons and games
  • Individualized learning for each child
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What is DreamBox Learning Math?

Children think DreamBox Learning Math is a fun adventure full of stories, interactive games, and more! Parents know it's a highly individualized, effective math program, made engaging so children will be motivated to play and learn.

It's serious learning because:

  • DreamBox individualizes learning through continuous assessment and adaptations during lesson game play. Lessons, hints, level of difficulty, pace, sequence, instructional tools, and many other aspects of the experience are tailored to help each student learn.
  • It's a robust math curriculum, with over 1000 lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
  • To improve conceptual understanding, students use virtual manipulatives to "show their work" rather than just clicking on an answer. And because our adaptation engine captures every mouse click, this deep, rich data enables highly sophisticated individualization.
  • The online Parent Dashboard reports on each student's progress in real time. And parents get progress reports and practical tips on bringing math fun into everyday life.

It's seriously fun because:

  • Primary students personalize their learning experience by choosing a game character and a theme - pirates, dinosaurs, pets, or pixies - turning their lessons in to fun adventures.
  • Older students and up enjoy a highly motivating learning environment they can make their own. As students learn, they can earn badges, coins to personalize their music and wallpaper, and even unlock new mini-game rewards.
  • DreamBox makes math lessons fun and interactive, so kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment!
  • Kids get rewards such as collectible Adventure Friends, tokens to play Carnival games, and Achievement Certificate awards that can be printed out and proudly displayed.

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