Fun and effective online elementary math help at home.

When you want to help teach your child math at home, overcome math anxiety, boost math learning, erase math boredom, or just help your kids to learn to love math, you’ll find the answer inside DreamBox Learning.

DreamBox Learning provides a deeply personalized online math learning experience that differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement.

Powered by Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, DreamBox Learning combines rigorous elementary math, an engaging, game-like learning environment and real-time feedback for each student. It motivates and guides all levels of learners to persist, progress and achieve math proficiency. The result is increased achievement, deep understanding, and life-long confidence in math. And it’s really fun – on desktop, laptop, and on iPad ®

DreamBox is proven to work.

A deep math learning curriculum

With over 1,300 lessons, the DreamBox Learning math curriculum develops computational fluency, true conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability.

The curriculum supports the Common Core State Standards, and other state and  Canadian standards. Underneath the fun, there is a very rigorous educational curriculum.

Adapts to every child at every learning level

DreamBox works for every child: those who are being homeschooled, those who need extra math practice but are working at grade level, struggling math students who need extra help, or advanced students who need a challenge. Your child will experience a new way to learn with a ‘virtual math tutor’ that provides ‘just right’ lessons and infinite patience.  

  • Tailored to the individual child. Unlike other learning products, DreamBox Learning Math’s adaptive learning looks beyond right or wrong answers, assessing a student’s strategy. Simply getting the answer right isn’t enough. How quickly did a student answer? Did he need extra hints? Did she improve? The lesson, difficulty, number and type of hints given, pacing, sequence, and much more are adapted to the student.
  • Ongoing assessment. Placement lessons throughout the adventures assess students’ knowledge, so they can skip what they know and focus on what they’re ready to learn.
  • Many pathways to accommodate the learner. DreamBox Learning provides millions of different paths through our curriculum.

Learn more about the power of Intelligent Adaptive Learning.

An engaging learning environment that doesn't sacrifice fun

When we were developing DreamBox, we knew creating an experience that captured a student’s imagination and attention was important. We built two immersive environments (primary and intermediate) that personalize learning with games and themes that turn lessons into adventures. In addition, students show their work with unique virtual manipulatives, encouraging them to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking. DreamBox Learning Math helps children find their inner math rock star!

  • Primary students personalize their experience by choosing a game character and a theme to turn their lessons into fun adventures.
  • Older students enjoy a highly motivating learning environment they can make their own.
  • Like a good teacher, DreamBox encourages progress, with rewards for both effort and academic achievement.
  • Engagement boosts inspiration and confidence for all learners.

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Current progress reports on the Parent Dashboard

Because family involvement is so important to a child’s success in school, the DreamBox Parent Dashboard provides a detailed current view of your child’s academic and story progress. We also email parents about significant academic milestones their children achieve in the lesson games. Some emails include a Certificate of Achievement for your child. We also include parent tips for family activities that reinforce the lessons learned.

With the Progress Snapshot, you’ll get a quick look at what your child is learning. If you have more than one child in DreamBox, you can see them all at a glance!

  • Overall progress: how much of the math curriculum your child is currently working in, how much she’s completed and skipped, and how much she has yet to learn.
  • Academics: what math concepts your child is currently learning.
  • Time: The amount of time your child has played.

For parents who want more detail, you also get a page dedicated to each child with a more detailed academic progress report and view of the curriculum.

  • Progress graphing: See progress in each major curriculum category. These categories are based on the key learning goals for each grade determined by standards categories.
  • Expandable views: See all lesson groups within curriculum categories, with a description of the specific math concept your child is learning.

The Parent Dashboard also gives you access to all of your account settings. We’re committed to supporting parents who want to be involved in their children’s education.

Learn more about parent tips and resources.

Take a look at what parents and kids are saying about DreamBox math!

"We LOVE DreamBox learning.  My son thinks of it as a 'game'. In fact, I use it to reward my son for a job well done with tasks that are more tedious.  We have tried other math programs and they simply do not compare.  They have helped my son learn to love math.  We have thought we "grew past it" twice now - but they keep expanding the grade level!  It’s wonderful!  I have told the other Cub Scout moms in our pack and several of them have picked it up for their boys too. Keep up the great work DreamBox!"
- Katrina F

"I use DreamBox for my three sons aged 6, 6, and 7. They enjoy playing on it so much that it is often the first thing they do in the morning. They love the little stories with the challenges that they have to complete. I love how the program adapts to how well they are doing on a certain 'game', giving them help when needed. It has really helped them learn some things such as place value, which is something I had been struggling to get them to understand."
- Mary Bright

"We have used at least ten supplemental math products.  When DreamBox arrived, I was skeptical.  Yet, it delivered.  My kids (6, 6, 8, and 11) are two girls and two boys.  All four love it!  They will seek me out to be allowed on DreamBox…it is without a doubt the best math supplement I have purchased."
- Kim Haney

An email from a student:
Hi i am Holly I love DREAM BOX LEARNING and that is why I capitalized it I also think it is Graet it realy get s in to your mind and help you learn and helps your brain think.