SXSWedu 2016: DreamBox Learning to Dive into Data-Driven Education, Cultivating Teacher as Learning Activator

DreamBox executives will discuss why empowering teachers with classroom technologies and access to student learning data is the future of education

Austin, TX—March 3, 2016—DreamBox Learning today announced CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson and Superintendent in Residence Dr. Greg Firn will join education leaders on two panels during the SXSWedu® conference, to discuss how advancements in technology can support educators as activators of the learning process, and the importance of big-data to boost student achievement. This four-day event in Austin, Texas attracts more than 6,000 attendees from 71 countries to discuss innovations in learning.

DreamBox CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson will participate in a panel on March 9, Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning, with industry colleagues from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of Digital Learning. Panelists will evaluate best practices for empowering teachers to support next-generation learning. Woolley-Wilson will discuss the tools in place at schools that support the educator as both a learner and an activator in the learning process.

Dr. Greg Firn, Superintendent in Residence at DreamBox, will also participate in a panel, A Data-driven Culture: Who’s Behind the Wheel, on March 7, to discuss how teachers can utilize real-time formative data to provide actionable insights into student thinking. This kind of data guides teachers on how best to adjust lesson plans through the implementation of adaptive learning technologies. Adaptive learning is more than just optimizing the pace of lessons for students. DreamBox is leveraging Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology to make real-time lesson recommendations for students to achieve mastery in math and provide educators with real-time data that can be used to identify a student’s trouble areas so that personalized instruction time can be modified.

“Teachers are our biggest ally in transforming the learning experience, as they are on the front lines every day. Technology provides a pathway to engage students in curriculum in ways that have never been possible with paper or pencil, and to deliver responsive supports that facilitate deeper learning and elevate student agency,” said Woolley-Wilson, President and CEO of DreamBox Learning. “With 10 years as a leader in Ed-Tech, we have adapted to the needs of both teachers and students. SXSWedu gives us the opportunity to share results from real student achievement through DreamBox.”

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DreamBox Learning was founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Washington, and the company’s pioneering Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform has since won over 40 top education and technology industry awards and is in use in all 50 states and throughout Canada. DreamBox Learning Math® offers a groundbreaking combination of Intelligent Adaptive Learning, a rigorous K–8 mathematics curriculum, and a motivating learning environment. The innovative DreamBox platform captures every decision a student makes and adjusts the student’s learning path and scaffolds support based on the student’s input, delivering millions of individualized learning paths, each one tailored to the student’s unique needs. DreamBox Learning Math is available for Mac, PC, and iPad. For more information, visit

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