Measure impact on learning with real-time data.

The Administrator Insight Dashboard reveals specific, measureable, and actionable insights on the learning trends needed to evaluate instructional programming and understand the impact and effect DreamBox Learning® Math is having on student learning.

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Admin Reports - Student Standards Report

Quickly view a district snapshot of the relationship between Dreambox usage and learning growth across all of your schools, and drill into view specific information at the school level.

Is your investment in math learning making an impact?

DreamBox provides the continuous real-time view of learning happening in your district. Look at your school or district implementation to better understand usage, time students spend in DreamBox, and most importantly—how that relates to learning growth and achievement.

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Will my students be ready for high-stakes assessments?

DreamBox makes it easier and more accessible to measure progress and proficiency against standards at the grade level, classroom, school, or district. With historical and real-time data that illuminate learning gains and identify areas for growth, you can better support your teachers in meeting the needs of every student throughout the school year.

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Surface successful implementations and areas that need support. Delve deeper into individual classrooms or the student level for more holistic view of student learning.

See what students are working on in real time and take action! From the Insight Dashboard explore which standards your students have met, what they are working on, and where learning gaps exist. Use that information to create differentiated assignments for every student.

How can I empower teachers to make the right instructional decisions?

Build capacity, confidence, and competence across your district and schools to scale best practices in personalized learning and differentiated instruction. With DreamBox, your teachers spend less time collecting and analyzing student data, so they can spend more time reflecting on their classroom practices, adjusting their lessons, and personalizing learning. Whether students are advanced, performing at grade level, or in need of remediation, teachers’ time is repurposed so they can be more responsive to each individual student.

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