Create assignments based on rich, real-time student proficiency data

Now you can automatically differentiate lessons for your entire class, small group, or an individual student. AssignFocus enables teachers to easily create focused assignments using real-time proficiency data about each learner. What’s more, is you can quickly view a history of assignments and see if your student:
• Completed lessons with demonstrated understanding
• Completed lessons but did not demonstrate understanding
• Did not complete the lessons

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Introduce or reinforce concepts, fill learning gaps, prep for assessments, and more

With AssignFocus, you can leverage DreamBox’s engaging, scaffolded lessons to introduce new concepts or prepare for an assessment—all while aligning with your state and regional standards, and closely supporting popular print programs.

Access thousands of engaging, student-specific lessons proven to build problem-solving strategies, hone critical-thinking skills, and develop math fluency

With AssignFocus, you can create assignments aligned to:

  • State and regional standards
  • Popular print programs, including Eureka Math, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Math
  • DreamBox topics that support areas of need for your students, and strengthen home-school connections

Access professional learning on the topics you assign—on demand

Now you can quickly get up to speed on the math lessons you assign in class. Whether you need a quick refresher or simply want to deepen your math knowledge on a particular topic, MyFlexPD empowers teachers to access relevant professional development courses—right from the AssignFocus tab.

Deliver assignments in English and Spanish

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning math. You can deliver assignments in English or Spanish with DreamBox. When students can focus on the math, learning happens.

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