We turn data into insights so you can connect to every student, every day.

Educators equipped with powerful online adaptive learning tools can change the way students learn and grow in mathematics. Our Insight Dashboard translates thousands of data points per hour, per student and turns those data into information and insights that are instantly available, actionable, and easy to interpret. Now you can spend more time doing what you love—teaching.

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AssignFocus with students

Choose a math topic or standard you want your students to focus on. DreamBox personalizes the lesson.

Differentiate instruction in the moment

Create strategy groups or personalized assignments for your whole class or individual students right from your Insight Dashboard. Real-time continuous formative assessment data connects the dots between where students are and where they can be, so you can help them gain deeper math understanding—all in one place.

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Easily track progress against standards

Take the guesswork out of understanding what your students know. See what standards students have mastered, are in the process of learning, or haven’t started learning yet. Create an assignment tailored to meet the needs of each student so you can proactively provide enrichment or remediation.

See at-a-glance, your class's progress against regional standards. Switch to the Grouping by Standards view to easily create strategy groups.

See what students are working on—in real time! View individual student growth across standards and use the demonstration lesson to encourage students to reflect on their learning.

See what your students are working on

Student activity in DreamBox is surfaced through real-time activity feeds. See what lessons they are working on, what they have completed, and the strategies they are using. With this level of insight you can respond to each student when it matters most—in the moment of learning.