State and local funding sources

Many times, the quickest and easiest way for schools to access funds is to look at their existing budget. DreamBox Learning© can be incorporated into your existing school budgets in a variety of ways.

The best source of information about state-specific funding is to look at your state department of education’s website for a list of grant opportunities.


With several hundred lessons, DreamBox Learning complements your core curriculum with a personalized and adaptive curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards. The program builds conceptual understanding and fluency in the critical areas of Counting and Cardinality, Comparing, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, and Number and Operations in Base Ten.

Instructional technology

DreamBox Learning integrates technology into the curriculum with a standards-based, rigorous mathematics program. Increase student engagement with highly-personalized and hands-on math activities to enhance foundational math understanding and computer skills.

Parent organizations

Parent organizations (PTO/PTA) may help support a DreamBox Learning implementation in order to offer parents convenient opportunities to engage in their child’s education via home access to a challenging and interactive mathematics program.

Online learning programs

Incorporate DreamBox Learning into your online learning program and enrich the curriculum by providing anywhere, anytime access to high-quality, effective mathematics instruction.