Teacher Overview


What is DreamBox Learning?

Student Environment

Link: DreamBox Training Website 

Use the button above to play the DreamBox Environment appropriate for the students you will be teaching. Take the time to complete whole lessons and access the supplemental areas that engage students. As you play, answer the following questions:

  • What happens when an error is made during a lesson?
  • What are assets built into DreamBox Learning lessons to provide support for students?
  • What incentives are provided to motivate students?
  • How does DreamBox Learning provide brain breaks for students?

Video: K-2 Environment    Video: 3-5 Environment    Video: 6-8 Environment

Best Practices of Implementation

Student Expectations

Teacher Best Practices

  • Always finish lessons
  • Use the help or hint button as needed
  • Use the manipulative (no paper, pencil, or calculator)
  • Work independently
  • Allow for at least 20 minute sessions
  • Use DreamBox for the recommended time per week
  • Set a goal for weekly lesson completion
  • Track weekly usage

Insight Dashboard

Link: Sample Dashboard

If you don’t have access to your dashboard for today’s session, you may use this sample dashboard to practice navigation.

username: dblteacher@dreambox.com
password: 12345678

The chart below provides a key for the symbols on the lesson cards with suggestewd actions. Use this chart to help you ensure fidelity of DreamBox Learning implementation.

Regarding Engagement Restrictions, please visit this support article for more information. Here, you can adjust settings for when students have access to Arcade and My House in K-2 and Collections and Personalization for 3-8.

This resource covers Monitoring Students on DreamBox and provides a focus on actions you can take if students are not completing the anticipated number of lessons.

Link: Insight Dashboard Quiz


Video: AssignFocus Overview       Video: Short-term  Assignments    Video: Long-term Assignments

Resources for Trainers

Below are the documents used for DreamBox professional development sessions.

File: Power Point Presentation     File: Speaking notes     File: Dashboard Clickthrough


We love feedback from our educators who take part in DreamBox webinars and onsite sessions! Please use the link below to provide feedback on your DreamBox session.

Link: DreamBox Learning Survey