Like any organization today, we are increasingly budget conscious. By employing DreamBox as part of our overall math instructional plan, our scholars were able to achieve amazing academic growth and we were able to significantly reduce costs.

Martin Earl Martin Phalen Phalen, Founder & CEO
Summer Advantage USA

We currently are using DreamBox for students in our focus school designation as an addition to their Tier 1 instruction. We are just starting to use DreamBox for students that qualify for Tier 2 as we have data to support this need. We do not have any researched based data on DreamBox, but our experience last year showed that this support helped many students make growth in math. We like that DreamBox teaches students where they are and assesses them at every key stroke. Teachers have been very happy that they can access the data about students in many different ways and that students using DreamBox are very independent.

Lindsey Snow
Verona Area School District

During the 2012/2013 year about 90% of our students who used DreamBox for 60-90 minutes weekly met or exceeded their projected growth on the math NWEA.

Katie LaMott, Math Support Specialist
Cherry Knoll Elementary

Last year, 70% of our Tier 2 & Tier 3 Intervention students using DreamBox in 2nd through 4th grade made more than 1 year’s math growth. It’s so important that these gaps in understanding are filled early.

Deborah Miller, Elementary RtI Coordinator
Mt. Health City Schools

DreamBox has been very instrumental in helping my school meet State of DE Goals and AYP by decreasing the Educational Gap. After using it with our Hispanic English Language Learners for just 5 months last year, they met our AYP in math for the first time ever– on the first attempt.

Marilyn Dollard, Principal
Oberle Elementary School

DreamBox differentiates for each student and helps them to be successful wherever they are. The kids just love it!

Joan Temple, Principal
Elizabeth Scott Elementary

Half the battle with math is getting them excited about doing it and achieving success. This is the first time we’re seeing students gain self-esteem because of their math success. Kids think it’s fun.

Dawn Moye, Blended Learning Manager
Federal Way Public Schools

Teachers use the powerful data in DreamBox Learning to modify what they’re doing in the classroom

Dawn Moye, Blended Learning Manager
Federal Way Public Schools

My second graders became so proficient in math by the end of last year that they had no trouble mastering triple digit functions! I now have my sons using DreamBox Math on the iPad at home. They love to play it, and I love how much they are learning. It’s just so easy to use.

William Tonnies, Second Grade Teacher
Oakwood School

The amazing thing about using DreamBox in our Summer Advantage USA program was that it allowed us to in some cases more than double the skills and content each child was able to practice and master. In just 4 weeks of using DreamBox for 20 minutes 4 times a week, as part of the math instructional block, we saw a full 4.1 months of improvement in math achievement.

Michelle Ciccone, Strategic Initiatives Manager
Summer Advantage USA