Measuring Learning Success

Webinar Date: April 10,2014

Webinar Description

The use of digital and online tools to measure performance is causing educators to rethink not only how we collect assessment data but also how we teach and learn in information age schools. The upcoming Common Core online assessments are driving school districts to build out infrastructure, purchase devices, shift to digital content and capture student performance data that would be extremely difficult using paper and pencil methods. Regardless of whether your state is participating in the Common Core, online assessments will play a critical role in the future of education. 

Please join the Center for Digital Education as we discuss the future of assessment in a digital world and how to best prepare for that future. On this interactive webinar, we will cover: 

  • The changing role of assessment
  • Trends and opportunities with online assessment
  • Expert advice on implementing assessment technology and tools
  • Review of emerging assessment technologies
  • Educator insights on implementing successful assessment programs