Separating EdTech Fact from Fiction

Webinar Date: May 28,2014

Webinar Description

Every math educator has seen first-hand evidence that student understanding of mathematics is far from where we’d like it to be. And in the world of EdTech, educators have seen the term “adaptive learning” become increasingly popular as companies try to support student learning in mathematics with new technologies.  In this kickoff webinar to launch the new Adaptive Math Learning community on, Dr. Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum Design of DreamBox Learning provided an overview of learning, mathematics, and adaptive technologies — and ways to separate hype from reality.

To join the Adaptive Math Learning community, all you need is a passion for ensuring the success of all students, an interest in understanding more about learning technologies, and a healthy dose of skepticism.  Ultimately, the quality of digital learning is just as important as the quality of classroom learning.  Both need to be adaptive.  Tim explored what his hopes and aspirations are for the successful learning and math education of all students in the 21st century (or any century).  He also discussed how to distinguish between hype, hope, and reality when considering the strengths and limitations of educational technologies and adaptive math technologies.  View the webinar and learn what you can expect to gain from this new Adaptive Math Learning community.

Webinar Presenters

  • Dr. Tim Hudson - VP of Learning at DreamBox Learning, Washington